President, Nancy Vesely


My name is Nancy and about 18 years ago I read about a college professor named Dr. Irene Pepperberg and her work with Alex an African Gray parrot. I knew I needed to have an African Gray parrot of my own.

I walked into Bird Fever and asked if they had any African Grays. They said they had a Timneh – at the time I didn’t realize that Alex was a Congo. However, I put my down payment down on Holly and we waited for her to finally come home.

Couple of years later I ran into a White Fronted Amazon on PetFinders and thought – who what a small bird it should be real quite….Wrong again – An Amazon is an Amazon and loud. But she is my Indy and I love her.

Then the flock increased with a couple of boys, Charlie the Cockatiel and then Bandit the Canary from girlfriends that wanted to downsized.

I have lived with birds for only 11 years but know I a home is not a home unless a parrot is also present.